Consulting services

Our unique competencies include among others a range of business processes and rules, system integration, scaling and safety issues, GIS, repository systems and full text search engines. Using penetration and efficiency tests, we reduce the customer's risk connected with implementation of their products, without the necessity of acquiring competencies by its team if such competences are not required for performance of everyday project tasks.

Many of these issues are often undervalued by software developers. Some require specific knowledge which is useful only at a few specific stages of the application development cycle. Therefore, it is difficult for the developers to acquire it.

Obtaining the specific knowledge required to solve certain problems is time-consuming and therefore expensive. Such investments are not profitable because likely,it is knowledge which has a limited usefulness. Besides, once an individual obtains such knowledge,it does not guarantee that the problems can be resolved with the current solutions.

Our service comprise among others:

  • Consulting at each stage of the software development process:
    1. supporting selection of technology,
    2. consulting during creation of application architecture,
    3. technological supervision over the project,
    4. consulting within the scope of systems integration and scaling.
  • Software testing:
    1. security tests,
    2. performance tests.
  • Consulting and cooperation during development of interdisciplinary IT projects such as:
    1. geoportals and other geographic information projects, combining knowledge from the domain of geodesy, GIS and modern programming technologies,
    2. semantic data modelling, NoSQL databases, effective indexing and searching large data collections,
    3. application of engines for business processes and decision rules.
  • Performance of innovative projects in cooperation with scientific entities.