What makes us unique?

Unique offer of over 200 specialised training courses

in the domain of programming technologies and project team workshops:

  • technologies: web, mobile, GIS,
  • programming languages at expert level,
  • programming workshop and efficient approach to software development.

Unique training team

composed of experienced programmers, testers, architects, analysts and project managers:

  • you learn directly from people with practical experience who share their unique competencies,
  • we cooperate with free software developers who provide trainings within the scope of the technologies they develop,
  • our coaches improve their training competencies through individual coaching and training for coaches.

Efficient approach to training design

ensuring validity, relevance and the adaptability of consulting projects to practical needs:

  • training programmes are improved through a process of peer review,
  • they contain the essence of practical experiences without losing didactic values,
  • form, duration and substantive content of the trainings is always developed based on detailed analysis of the requirements of the ordering teams.

Workshop formula of the training

conducted by people with practical experience with guaranteed training competencies:

  • we focus on teaching through examples, workshops and training games,
  • each training is unique; adjusted to individual needs, improved on the basis of experience, and updated in accordance with changing reality,
  • we provide trainings outside of the locations where the teams work every day, maximising focus on the subject of training, or on the basis of solutions to the problems in current projects.

Community engagement

through supporting conferences, organisation of workshops and lectures of the trainers:

  • every year, we sponsor the Confitura conference and our coaches deliver lectures,
  • we organise the Agile Development Day - workshops promoting the idea of agile software development,
  • we take part in Coderetreat, where we jointly work on improving programming competencies,
  • we also take care of the next generation of programmers, engaging in education projects addressed to children and teenagers.

Complex partnering offer

meeting the majority of training needs of IT teams:

  • training connected with business analysis, project management and services,
  • use of products from the largest international suppliers.

Quality and effectiveness of training

continuously measured using individual questionnaires, post-training reports and mutual assessments of the coaches:

  • we have been present on the market since 2008 and the average assessment of our trainings in that period was 89%,
  • each training is assessed by the participants and the skills of the coaches are verified on the basis of their mutual assessment,
  • we have implemented ISO ISO 9001:2009 Quality management system and adopted guidelines of the Training Service Standard suggested by the Polish Chamber of Training Companies.