Trainings at Sages

Why should you take advantage of Sages trainings?

First of all, Sages’ unique offer boasts over 200 specialised training courses and an exceptional training team composed of experienced programmers, testers, architects, analysts project managers and free software developers. In total, we offer over 200 IT training courses: our own training courses and partner trainings. This allows us to provide comprehensive services to meet the majority of software development team training needs.

What services do we offer?

Dedicated trainings

Trainings for organized groups, dedicated to teams of employees from one company, adjusted to the needs identified during pre-training analysis. We conduct trainings in the customer's premises and also in our own training locations. We can provide specific courses, adjusted to unique needs of IT teams.

Remote trainings

Trainings conducted on-line, using a distant-learning platform. In order to participate in the training, the candidates need to have access to a computer and Internet connection. Sages provides the necessary software and training environment.


Laboratories are individual projects conducted by a participant under supervision of a specialist. The project is composed of 3 iterations, each lasting for 2 weeks. During iteration, the coach performs a code review and after each stage, a participant may hold 30-60 minutes consulting session with the coach. Finally, the coach and the participant conduct a retrospection and summary of the project.


Certification at Sages comprises two stages: a candidate works on an individual project and takes part in a live coding session with a coach. The project is reviewed by two specialists, experts in their specialisations. After positive completion of both stages, the participant receives the Sages Competence Certificate (SCC).


We provide consultancy at each stage of software development, as well as testing of the existing systems, such as security tests and stress tests. We also provide assistance in the case of very complex systems and unique integrations.

Individual coaching

Remote training 1:1 (coach - participant) within the scope individually agreed with the customer, performed in ordinary or weekend mode.

How to order dedicated trainings?

  1. Please specify your training needs and the area you are interested in by using the contact form or contact us directly via e-mail: [email protected]
  2. Our consultant will contact you to conduct an initial needs analysis and identify the scope of your requirements.
  3. The initial framework of your training schedule and the coach’s portfolio will be sent for your approval.
  4. We will book the training date.
  5. Prior to the training all participants will receive a questionnaire to learn about the level of their knowledge so that we can properly define focus areas.
  6. After the training, participants will be asked to complete an opinion survey describing their satisfaction with the course.

Types of training


Training is mainly addressed to business team leaders, analysts and architects. They present an in depth approach, focusing on the essential issues, advantages and disadvantages of solutions, prerequisites of an application etc.

Team skills

Training on the border of soft skills and technological training are addressed to teams, focusing on communication of team members in reference to specific work methodology and/or IT tools.


These general workshops the focus on an overall ecosystem of a specified technology. They provide general knowledge which encourages an independent approach to the topic by the participants. Workshops allow practical training of key problems related to the training. They are designated for small groups - maximum 8 people - and enable individualised work with the participant during the training.


These workshops are focused on a quick presentation of the capabilities of a specific technology or issue through the individual performance of simple tasks. This formula is addressed to large groups which follow the coach and resolve a selected practical problem. There is no opportunity for individual work with the participant during the training.


These workshops focus on a single technology or small set of technologies, aimed at an in-depth analysis of a specific given issue and the training of nearly all of its aspects. They are designated for small groups - maximum 8 people - and enable individualised work with the participant during the training.

Certification preparation

This type of training is designated to prepare for certification examination within a given domain. It focuses on the material required for certification, discusses the examination formula, etc.

Quick start

Workshop training - a condensed formula of the 360-view. It is aimed at gathering a few different technologies required to achieve a specific goal. They make the participants work quickly and focus on finished solutions. They are designated for small groups - maximum 8 people - and enable individualised work with the participant during the training..