About Us

Sages is a training and consulting company which provides services in the information and technology fields for companies in the IT sector as well as other businesses dependent on new system development as a means for further advancement. The company's mission is to support the design, manufacturing and implementation of software in various enterprises and state institutions with the purpose of minimising costs, duration and risks connected with these operations.

We carry out our mission through improving personnel competencies through trainings, coaching and the outsourcing of core competencies, as well as providing highly specialised consulting services. The company offers a qualified staff of over 100 active coaches and consultants who have extensive experience with modern, current technological solutions used in the IT sector. Many of our employees hold the PhD degree.

Sages’ vision translates to a combination of knowledge from academia and the know-how of experts who have real practical experience in business to develop the competencies of IT personnel, and in particular, contribute to increased effectiveness and innovation in the local IT sector. Our unique staff composition allows us to bring the worlds of science and business together, transfer the results of scientific works into products which provide real value to the customers, and support science through the provision of funding and education for future professionals.

ISO 9001:2009 Quality management system

Sages Sp. z o.o. applies the quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001:2009 requirements within the scope of training and consulting services.