Course intended for:

Programmers, testers and test engineers, interested in development of the SoapUI tools capabilities and development of advanced Groovy language scripts, supporting development, performance and reporting of test results.

Course objective:

Introduction to advanced issues associated with the SoapUI tool for experienced users.


Experience in WebServices testing and use of SoapUI tools, basic Java programming skills.

Course parameters:

1*8 hours (1*7 net hours) of lectures and workshops (with a visible emphasis on workshops).

Group size: no more than 8 participants.

Course curriculum

  1. Advance test building using SoapUI

    1. Test building strategies

    2. SoapUI as a test tool

    3. SoapUI as a part of a test harness

      1. SoapUI and Robot Framework
  2. GroovyScripting

    1. Introduction to Groovy – language and simple structures

    2. InstallationIntelliJ IDEA, Groovy console presentation

      1. Script pattern, syntax complementation using IntelliJ IDEA
    3. Simple language structures

    4. Groovy in SoapUI

      1. SoapUI script editor

      2. SoapUI object model

        1. Possibility of script connecting in SoapUI
      3. Scripts - assertions

      4. Scripts – assertions - XML

      5. Scripts - FTP

      6. Scripts - SSH

    5. Exercise – a developed test performs commands on the server, processes the output and transmits it to the service

    6. StringUtils utility classes, Tools , GroovyUtils, UISupport

    7. DataSource, DataSink using scripts

    8. Data Driven Testing and use of properties with scripts

      1. Examples- runtime properties reloading
    9. Task automation in SoapUI

      1. Examples – modification of test sets from script level
    10. Selenium launching from SoapUI level

  3. Interface development

    1. Preparation of the developer environment and project building using Maven

    2. Project debugging

    3. TelnetRequest – with an example of use with BeanShell interpreter

    4. SSHRequest

    5. Own assertion

    6. GroovyShell Console

  4. Protocol extension

    1. UDP

    2. ISO8853-2

    3. ZeroMQ

  5. Integration with Maven

    1. Maven soapui plugin

    2. Use of own extensions in the Maven project

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