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Course intended for:

The training is intended for:

  1. Computer system architects,

  2. Linux environment administrators,

  3. System engineers,

  4. DevOps.

Course objective:

The training objective is to get familiar with good practices of system design in the context of easy deployment. Another objective is to get the participants familiar with the Chef configuration management system and with automation of deployment to clouds, using Amazon EC2 as an example.

Course strengths:

After the training, the participants will be able to:

  1. define the system components, which are critical for continuous implementation,

  2. avoid functionalities that prevent automatic updating of the system,

  3. develop new cookbooks and recipes and test them,

  4. define complex tasks for the CI system, useful for automation of implementation.


The training participants are required to:

  • Have the basic knowledge of Ruby language,

  • Have the ability to manage Linux systems.

Course parameters:

2*8h in the following proportion: 80% workshops, discussions; 20% lectures.

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to Continuous Delivery.

  2. Software updating techniques for production environments

  3. Configuration management

    1. The concept of Infrastructure as Code.

    2. Preparation of the development environment.

    3. Chef.

      1. The kitchen.

      2. Cookbooks and recipes

      3. roles.

      4. Node parameters.

      5. Cookbook version management - librarian.

      6. Recipe testing

        1. foodcritic.

        2. ChefSpec.

        3. Vagrant + Chef Minitest.

        4. test-kitchen.

    4. Chef Server.

      1. Introduction and installation

      2. Division into environments

      3. Kitchen preparation for work with Amazon EC2.

      4. Knife – tool for communication with Chef Server.

        1. Update of Chef Server data

        2. Creation of new clients

        3. Management of Chef Server.

      5. Infrastructure testing - Cucumber-chef.

  4. Deployment automation.

    1. Integration with Jenkins.

    2. Defining of pipelines.

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